About Us

Vision and Mission

The mission of Mysuru City Police is to uphold the law, maintain order and keep the peace in this Heritage City of Mysuru.

We are a force for the nation, ensuring the security, survival and success of Mysuru City and helping to build it into our best home. We are a police force that inspires one and all.

We are a harmonies family. Each of us serves and leads, contributing to the objectives of the team. Our workplace is enjoyable and Our people are the most valued assets.

We want to be an organisation that sustains the life for the nation. We want to be united with the community to assure the highest level of safety and security for Mysuru City. We want our work with and in the community to be filled with care.

We will be guardians, friends and Protectors of the community, serving them with the best of our ability and to the highest of our standards. We want those inclined to crime and disorder to fear us, as much as the public trusts us.

We want to be an organisation where our people are developed to their fullest potential and where the best ideas come from all levels of the organisation.

Mysore City Police, Mirza Road, Nazarbad
Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: 0821 2418100, 2418101, 2418102
Control Room: 100, 0821 - 2418139, 0821 - 2418339
Email: mysorecitypolice@gmail.com

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