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Safety Tips

Take following precautionary measures to prevent offences:-

  • The main gate of the house should be strong and sturdy; the doors and windows of the house should be kept closed and locks of good quality should be used.
  • While going outstation, request your neighbor to look after your house.
  • Ensure that information about your being out station is not passed to unknown person.
  • Inform the police if any unknown person is found wondering in your society or Maholla.
  • Keep name, address, photograph and contact details of domestic servant.
  • Insure of your vehicle and other valuables.
  • Do not park your vehicle without locking it and as far as possible use “Pay and Park” facility.
  • Do not park vehicle with valuables in it.
  • While going out station taking big cash amount, a companion should be kept or if required help of the police can be taken.
  • Do not count money in such a way that others can see it.
  • Cover gold chain with clothes wore.
  • While travelling do not entrust your luggage with any un-known person.
  • Do not take or eat anything from any un-known person.
  • Do not give your personal details to co passengers
  • Do not allow any unknown person in home.
  • Women should not give their ornaments to any un-known person for cleaning.
  • Avoid being over friendly with strangers.
  • Register the name of domestic help and drivers at the nearest police station by filling in the appropriate form. This form with their photos will then be sent to the police stations at the workers' native places so their background can be immediately verified.
  • Install safety features such as a peephole facility, safety latch or iron grill so that you can scan each visitor before allowing them entry. Be extra careful while allowing unknown persons like vegetable sellers, washer men and milkmen inside.
  • Do not open cupboards, show valuables or discuss financial matters in front of domestic help.
  • They may be tempted to carry out an unlawful act.
  • Do not withhold pay, derogate or mistreat domestic workers. They may seek revenge.
  • Develop a network of friends and talk to your neighbor to ensure that you do not live a secluded life. Go for regular walks in groups and socialize.
  • Do not keep valuables at home. Store jewelry in a bank locker and cash in your savings account.
  • Keep important telephone numbers handy. This includes that of friends or relatives living nearby as well as that of your local police station.
  • You may also dial 100 in case of emergency.

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