Special Branches

City Crime Record Bureau

  • 41555.0160230903ccrb.jpgSending Monthly Crime Revive to SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau)
  • Sending fortnightly crime statement to SCRB
  • Weekly crime and occurrence sheets
  • Maintaining of dossier criminals and C.I.D criminals activities sending their reports to SCRB
  • M.O.B. Particulars of Mysuru City Police stations
  • Maintenance of particulars of unnatural death reports of Mysuru City
  • Maintenance of warrants of summons issued by courts
  • Providing answers to questions raised in Legislative assembly as well as in Council
  • Giving information under R.I.Act
  • Registering of Absconding Criminals
  • Gang Register ( Indulged in Robbery , Dacoits etc )
  • Military desserters Registrar
  • Register of undetected cases
  • Photographs of Criminals
  • Criminal Intelligence Gazette
  • Sending Daily crime reports collected from city stations to Government




Mysore City Police, Mirza Road, Nazarbad
Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: 0821 2418100, 2418101, 2418102
Control Room: 100, 0821 - 2418139, 0821 - 2418339
Email: mysorecitypolice@gmail.com

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