Mysuru Traffic Police

Traffic Management Center

Mysuru city has witnessed a phenomenon growth in human & vehicle population presently total number of vehicles registered in Mysuru city is around 6.5 lakhs, the growth of vehicles is approximately 4% annually.

In order to effectively manage vehicular traffic in Mysuru city the Mysuru traffic police has established a Traffic Command Center. The traffic command center acts as centralized control mechanism for all traffic regulatory measures in the city.

Presently the following components of traffic command center are functioning:

  • Traffic Surveillance system.
  • Automation Enforcement center.
  • Traffic cobras.
  • Automated signal lights - 48 junctions.
  • Speed Interceptors- 6 numbers.
  • Alco meters - 28 numbers


Mysore City Police, Mirza Road, Nazarbad
Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA
Phone: 0821 2418100, 2418101, 2418102
Control Room: 100, 0821 - 2418139, 0821 - 2418339
Email: mysorecitypolice@gmail.com

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